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Stay updated with Technology Webinars – Learn from Experts

 Navjyot Mitter   |    Tuesday, October 19, 2018  | Category: Technology Webinars

In this era of fast transmission of information and knowledge, it is essential for organizations to accept and adapt new technology to maintain their competitive position in the industry. The growth of personal computing technology has revolutionized the way of working in organizations. IT professionals need to implement new technologies and manage challenges for implementing change. The latest and most advanced systems of today may become tomorrow’s bag of old clothes. Thereby, constant development and updated information exchange are professional tools of trade in IT field.

According to a news report, the top challenges faced by IT managers are of cloud computing, cyber security, remote management, talent retention, information security, artificial intelligence, social media, risk management and governance, and resource management. Organizations face challenges of managing employee’s acceptance to technological changes which results in internal conflict.

According to a survey by Spiceworks in 2019 State of IT, the need to update IT infrastructure is the biggest driver of IT budget increase in 2019. More than 89% of the companies expect their IT budgets to increase or stay the same for the next year. The driving forces that are causing companies to build their IT infrastructure are due to outdated technology, need for digital transformations, and security concerns.

Top factors leading to IT budget increase in 2019 are mentioned in the graph below:

Due to the challenges faced by IT managers, it is inevitable for them to develop a practice of attending technology webinars by experts to keep them updated. Webinars are live, web-based video conferences which assist in connecting to single or multiple individuals through the internet to an audience of listeners or viewers worldwide. Profitable organizations like Proctor and Gamble, LinkedIn, to non-profit firms like City, Year and, Red Cross, to professional associations and publishers like HBR run webinars. Engineers have accepted Webinars as a training tool due to its perceived usefulness, ease of use, and self-efficacy.

Webinars are the quickest approach to learn about a new technology, and also to verify your existing knowledge on the subject. What you have heard or have read might be incomplete or partial information. But when you attend a webinar delivered by an expert it is a good platform to discuss and cross check your knowledge.

Attending technology Webinars also support decision makers whether to invest in the said technology.
IT solution providers these days are excited about venturing into lot of emerging areas like RPA (Robotic Process Automation), Machine Learning, Virtual Reality. An informative session in the form of technology webinar is really a help to make a conscious decision about investing time and effort in right direction.

Webinars help experts to keep them updated with latest technological development and information management. To maximize the webinar experience, professionals need to choose webinars carefully depending on the value they will provide for each project. Moreover, watching webinars with a group of people makes employees more likely to attend the session and signifies the importance of topic and leads to professional development. IT managers can develop their networks, share their experiences and post queries which will help them in researching new approaches and developing new initiatives to problems. Webinars can be made more effective through follow-up interviews with respondents, and survey findings related to significance of employee engagement and personal relationships.

The webinar developers should chose topics carefully, should focus on training, create opportunities for dialogue exchange, and allow participants to build and grow their network to maintain the interest of participants.

Webinars serve the IT business in the following ways:

  • Webinars help in communicating messages efficiently by using high-speed internet technology and streamlining communication in a cost-efficient way. Webinars have taken the place of annual conferences, board meetings and press conferences that were used in the previous decade. Moreover, it can be used for facilitating internal communication. 
  • Introducing latest technological development through webinars can help in delivering valued information to a large crowd without launching a massive public campaign and straining resources.
  • Employees and partners can be guided easily on use of new products and services through webinars. It is the most ideal training tool wherein even the most complicated topics can be explained through videos, images, visuals, and desktop sharing demonstrations.

Webinars are turning into a powerful tool for IT professionals as there is a constant requirement to develop communication systems and efficient information. The efficiency of webinars in optimizing the information system of companies is limitless.

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Navjyot Mitter
Co-Founder of Optimistik Infosystems

Navjyot is Director & Co-Founder of and contribute in Customer Value Creation Initiatives there. With a total of 12+ years of experience he has served various Fortune 500 cos. with their Talent Development & Readiness needs.
He is a strong advocate of keeping the Human Element alive in Technology Advancements. He lives in Gurugram and is an avid reader of business and life skills books.