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350+ Resources to be Trained in 6 months

 OPTIMISTIK INFOSYSTEMS   |    Thursday, July 18, 2019  | Category: Training

About the Client

Delivery Arm of one of the World’s Largest Software Companies.

Client need

Needed training as a part of its expansion plan, the client had hiring plans for 350+ Lateral Resources. The resources were experience ranging 2 – 8 Yrs specialized in their area of expertise Such as Mix of Dev/Testing/IMS/Business R.

Challenge faced

The training courses were very large in number and the resources had to be trained only in 6 months. A precise strategy had to be made and action plan. We formulated the strategy keeping in mind the companies need and formed a customized training plan for them. There were multiple technologies involved and partially were heterogeneous mix, some from dev, some from operations. It was also expected that for any technology, even the earlier versions needed to be discussed and new features had to be compared with new versions, hence the expected flavor of training was quite new and unique.

How did we help ?

Our OI team believes in giving the best to our clients. These are the steps we followed for this training :

  • Formulated the Training Methodology
  • Decided upon the Technology Modules( based on Business Needs )
  • Designed the Customized Course Curriculum
    • Course Outlines,
    • PPT Deck,
    • Reference Material,
    • Demos,
    • Hands On Labs
  • Assessment Model( Pre & Post Test )
  • Trainer Sourcing
  • Back- Up Plans
  • Training Deliveries
  • Logistics
  • Batch Tracker

Our approach to the training was this:

Challenging Training Resources image

The training was very successful and helped the client in fulfilling their goals. In a period of 6 months, their resources were fully trained in various technologies.

Here are some glimpses of the feedback:

Challenging Training Resources image

Challenging Training Resources image