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Cloud Migration

 OPTIMISTIK INFOSYSTEMS   |    Tuesday, July 16, 2019  | Category: Cloud Computing

Is your company thinking of changing their cloud service?

Are you looking for an expert advise to help in cloud service migration to a different vendor? Recently, Optimistik Infosystems guided the IT team of company X,who were searching for an expert level guidance in shifting their cloud service to another vendor .

But before Going further, let us understand this,

Why would a company shift from one cloud vendor to another?

Many companies are facing challenges to shift data from infrastructure premise to cloud.

When we migrate data from infrastructure premise to public or private cloud, that is known as cloud migration.

And when we already use cloud service and if we migrate from one vendor to another for the same service is known as shifting from one cloud vendor to another.

The company X was working on a project but was facing challenges with their current Cloud service in terms of cost, complexity, managing deployment etc.

They wanted to shift their cloud service to Microsoft Azure but were lacking the knowledge and expert opinion in taking this decision.

Here is where Optimistik Infosystems customized training services came into picture!

Optimistik Infosystems team organized a customized training on Essential of Microsoft Azure. It was delivered as per Optimistik Infosystems learning by doing approach.

This training program provided the team enough inputs and points to be considered while opting for a new cloud vendor. As the team was already working with cloud,the training focused more on comparing the services, ease of maintenance and total cost of ownership.

How did our team contribute?


Optimistik Infosystems always strives for perfection in all their trainings. We believe it is very important to understand the basic need for the training and understand it. Our team members had a thorough discussion with company x before the training. We addressed all the needs and understood the usage.


Optimistik Infosystems does not give just general training to customers, after the discussion phase, we brainstorm customized training solutions for customers according to their needs. We inculcate robust solutions which would help our customers to strive forward. For company X also, our team put all their minds to design a robust customized training for the company ,keeping in mind the challenges they are facing in cloud migration.


After thorough discussion and planning, It was time for training. The training was organized by Project Managers, Developers, Support Team, People from DevOps and Database background. It was a 3 day Hands-on training of Microsoft Azure.


After the Training, The team was more confident in making their choice and was well versed with the practical use of Microsoft Azure Cloud. If you are also looking for similar customized solutions and expert guidance in IT industry, please write to us at ( [email protected] ).