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Angular 7 Training

What is Angular 7 ?

Angular JS was introduced in 2010 by google. It is a framework based on javascript which is used to create interactive Single Page Applications. It had only 1 version which was 1.0, later it was converted in 2016 to Angular. They removed JS from it and now it is in TypeScript. Typescript is a superset of javascript which provides the code in a more structured way. Angualr followed many version such as 2.x,4.x,5.x,6.x and the latest in 2019 is 7. Angular is component based UI and is more feasible for SEO. It is more mobile friendly than Angular JS.

Some of the most important features of Angular are:

  1. Data binding in the fastest load
  2. Simplifies MVC pattern
  3. It is faster
  4. The development process is flexible
  5. It supports Cross Platform

What will you learn ?

Our Angular 7 Trainers will tell you all the technical skills needed for development.

  1. Understand how single-page web application architectures are different than traditional web application architectures
  2. Use new JavaScript (ES6) language features including Classes, Modules, and Arrow Functions
  3. Understand and use Angular model-driven forms, observables, dependency injection, and routing
  4. Communicate with a backend server using Angular’sHttpClient to load and save data
  5. Configure the router and navigate between components
  6. Unit test all parts of an application including Components, Services, and Pipes
  7. Scaffold modules, components, services, models, routes, and unit tests in accordance with best practices using the Angular CLI
  8. Build and deploy an application to production using the Angular CLI
  9. Write End-to-End Tests (optional; taught only if this applies to your group)
  10. Upgrade an existing application from AngularJS to Angular 7 (optional; taught only if this applies to your group)

What will you be able to do after this training ?

  • TypeScript Installation, Configuration & Compilation
  • Spread Syntax and Rest Parameters
  • Destructuring
  • Make Single-page Web Application Architectures vs. Traditional Server-side Web Application Architectures
  • Angular Style Guide
  • Angular Architecture
  • Your First Angular Application
  • Organize your code into Feature Modules
  • Customizing the Angular CLI
  • Interpolation
  • Property binding
  • Event binding
  • Two-way data binding
  • Built-in Pipes: Using, Passing Parameters, Chaining
  • Importing the RouterModule
  • Configuring Routes
  • Displaying Components using a RouterOutlet
  • Navigating declaratively with RouterLink
  • Navigating with code using the Router
  • Accessing parameters using ActivatedRoute
  • Deploying an Angular Application to Production
  • Building the application using the Angular CLI
  • Deploying to a web server

Who should take this Training and what is the prerequisite ?

This training given by Angular 7 trainers should be attended by people with substantial prior experience developing with JavaScript.

For this training, you should have Software or IT understanding as well basics of networking concepts.

Career Prospects of Angular 7

The job prospects of Angular 7 is very good and you should have this skill under your belt.

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