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F# Training

What is F# ?

C# is an updated version of c and c++. It is designed on dot-net framework. But F# is designed with keeping in mind the dot-net framework. Performance on a cloud server or multiple core processor is better with F#. F# is not restricted to a particular hardware platform or device. This language will perform text process, mathematical computing and virtually everything. F# makes writing and maintaining code very easy.

F# programming is basically about defining types and functions that are type-inferred and generalized automatically.

F# has various features such as:

  1. Its data types are robust
  2. It is immutable
  3. The syntax is not heavy
  4. Type inference and automatic generalization
  5. It can be used for pattern matching

What will you learn ?

  • Process data with F#
  • Parsing data with FParse
  • Manage large data streams
  • Designing and controlling asynchronous workflows
  • Data types, declaration, Functions
  • How to use F# in cloud computing

What will you be able to do after F# training ?

  1. Write programs with less line of code
  2. Write code with less bugs
  3. Write programs to suit business requirements better.

Who should take this Training and what is the prerequisite ?

This training is for programmers and developers who want to learn basics and advanced F#.

You should have experience of C# and C. Intermediate C# developer can also take this training.

Career Prospects

F# is gaining popularity among programmers and developers. It is easier to code and offers more versatility in terms of programming. This language is useful for analytical work, etl pipelines. This language is gaining momentum and is one of the hottest programming languages in the market.

Learn F# today and get certified as a F# programmer.

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