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Training on WEB API

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WEB API Training

What is WEB API ?

WEB APIs is a new approach for developing REST Services. In the current era of consumer-oriented application development, we need to publish services which can be consumed by any client e.g. Desktop, Web, Browser, Device, etc. WEB API allows implementing such types of services. WEB API is shipped with ASP.NET MVC 4 and it provides Http action methods e.g. Get, Post, Put and Delete.

What will you learn in this Training?

  • Introduction to WEB API and its Architecture
  • WEB API Media Formatters and Consuming the WEB APIs.
  • Server Side Model Validations and consuming the WEB API in .NET Clients
  • WEB API Security and Versioning
  • Using Request headers with Authorization and Authentication.
  • Authentication types with Basic, Token and OData
  • Thinking about Cross-Origin Security Policy and JSONP
  • WEB API Implementation

What will you be able to do after this training ?

  • Understand WEB API Architecture.
  • Understand the practical approach to use WEB API and consume it in client applications.
  • Understand the Security feature of WEB API.

Who should take this Training and what is the prerequisite ?

Anyone who is looking for web development skills and have basic knowledge about

Attendees must have good programming experience with WEB API, ASP.NET, WCF and MVC .

Hardware and Software Requirements

  • Hardware:
    • Processor: Intel Core i5+
    • RAM: 8 GB Essential
    • HDD: 40 GB Free Space
  • Software:
    • OS: Windows 7 Ultimate with Latest Service Pack OR Windows 8 Professional/Enterprise with the latest Update.
    • Web Server: IIS must be installed on each machine.
    • Database Server: MS SQL Server 2012.
    • IDE: Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate/Professional with Update 4+ OR Visual Studio 2015.
    • Tool: Adobe Reader

Career Prospects

Web API’s have seen an accelerating growth and its use has been increasing day by day. Web API’s has become a very crucial tool for web developers as well as a marketing tool for businesses. A career in Web API is blooming in this era.

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