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Puppet Training

What is Puppet training about ?

Puppet is one of the most popular automation platform. It is used to supervise different levels of IT infrastructure. Puppet is an open-core software configuration management tool and its provide away the challenges, complexity, and risk of securing and running global hybrid. It keeps running on numerous Unix-like frameworks just as on Microsoft Windows and incorporates its very own definitive language to depict framework design. The manikin is created by Puppet, established by Luke Kanies in 2005.

What will you learn in Puppet training ?

  • Introduction to Puppet
  • First steps with Puppet
  • Packages, Files, and Services
  • Managing Puppet with Git
  • Managing users
  • Tasks and templates
  • Expressions and Logic
  • Reporting and troubleshooting
  • Moving on Up
  • Definitions and Classes
  • Creating an NTP class
  • Arrays and hashes
  • Generating a report
  • Running an arbitrary command
  • Using a recursive file resource
  • Templating an Nginx virtual host
  • Grouping resources into arrays
  • Creating a definition for Nginx websites
  • Adding an SSH authorized key
  • Deploying an SSH configuration file
  • User privileges
  • deploying a sudoers file
  • Scheduled tasks
  • Scheduling a backup
  • Distributing files
  • Debug output
  • Monitoring
  • Errors

What will you be able to do after Puppet training ?

  • Install and configure the Puppet environment
  • Run Puppet on multiple servers
  • Deploy configuration files and templates for lightning-fast installations
  • Create and monitor reports and information
  • Manage user accounts, security, access control, and scheduled jobs

Learn the best practices for organizing your Puppet code using Git.

Who should take Puppet Training and what is the prerequisite ?

This training should be taken by people from System Administrators and Cloud Administrators. People should know Basic System Administration for this training.

Career Prospects of Puppet

Puppet technology is the most popular DevOps programs. Around 42% companies which use DevOps are using puppet. Puppet Technology with chef is hot in the market and can be a good career option.

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