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Google Cloud Platform Training

Do you think you are using the cloud? If no, think again. Cloud services are all around us, we may not be aware but it is around us and the majority of us are using it. Cloud is basically. A group of computers that are located at any remote location and you can access it through the internet. Your data is located in the data centres of whatever service provider we choose. Google Cloud Platform or JCP for short is one of a number of globally available cloud services providers. GCP is quickest developing public Cloud Platform Services on the planet. A year ago Google has recorded 150% development rate. Google since 2018 is putting vigorously in expanding GCP benefits over the Globe. They have a creative server framework to scale venture framework and stage administrations prerequisites. Google Cloud is able to offer so many functions such as big data machine learning developer tools advanced analytics advanced security features that are unique to services like Google Cloud. Google Cloud is a cloud services provider that provides infrastructure and platform as a service. It allows you to automatically grow or shrink whatever amount of computing capacity. On Google cloud, there are dozens at least over 50 maybe even closer to 100 different individual products and services that you can use for a very wide variety of technology needs.


What is Google Cloud Training About ?

Google Cloud Platform - GCP is quickest developing public Cloud Platform Services on the planet. A year ago Google has recorded 150% development rate. Google is 2018 putting vigorously in expanding GCP benefits over the Globe. Google has submitted may more server farms, Point of essence or edge areas around the globe in 2019. GCP is as of now is noticeable in Data Analytics, and Machine Learning contributions demonstrated such a large number of years and has included Storage, Compute stage, Database, Security and a lot increasingly open cloud administrations for endeavors around the world. Google has a private fibre-optic link far and wide. They have creative server farms work to scale venture framework and stage administrations prerequisites.

What will you learn in Google Cloud Platform Training?

  1. Introduction to Cloud Computing and Google Cloud Platform
  2. Virtual Machines
  3. Google Cloud Storage
  4. Virtual Networks and other Network Services
  5. Cloud IAM and Resource Management
  6. Resource Monitoring
  7. Load Balancing and Autoscaling
  8. Infrastructure Automation with Deployment Manager
  9. Managed Services
  10. Application Development Services
  11. Google Kubernetes/Containers Engine
  12. Setting up CI/CD Pipeline

What you will be able to do after Google Cloud Platform Training ?

  1. Use Google Cloud Platform, its infrastructure, products and services and other benefits.
  2. Creating Virtual Machines, Work with Virtual Machines, Set different properties and features, Create a disk ,Snapshots and Images from running VM .
  3. Create a bucket, access bucket from Google Compute Engine Instance (VM), Using G Suite tool to access Google Cloud Storage.
  4. Create NAT gateway and set up communication of VMs using NAT Gateway, Create Bastion Host.
  5. Explore Cloud IAM, Create/Add/Delete Members, roles and policies.Create a VM and set controls to other services using Service Accounts.
  6. Set up a pipeline using dataflow, data pub/sub, data lab, data prep and bigquery for data analysis.
  7. Create a docker image, push into cloud repositories, Creating k8s cluster, deploying application on Kubernetes cluster. Load Balancing and Monitoring.
  8. Set up a continuous delivery pipeline using Jenkins.

Who should take Google Cloud Training and what is the prerequisite ?

  • Anybody who needs to improve abilities with Cloud Architecture Certifications
  • Anybody who needs to get understanding on Google Cloud Platform - GCP
  • Anybody who is getting ready for Cloud Architect Exam from Google
  • Anybody who Wants to comprehend Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud Deployment
  • Anybody needs broad to comprehend Services offering from Google Cloud Platform.
  • Engineers, Lead Developers who are utilizing Google Cloud Platform Services, or some other open cloud administrations.

For this training, you should have Software or IT understanding as well basics of networking concepts.

Career Prospects

Cloud computing is one of the most popular services with an intense interest for qualified experts. The middle pay for IT geniuses at present in a distributed computing profession in the U.S. is $124,300. But it is not a piece of cake to land a job in this area. You need to have remarkable skill set.

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