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Azure Cosmos Database( Hands-On Learning )

10 Registered TBD 9:30 AM 3 days

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About the instructor:

Our trainer is a Senior technical consultant and trainer with more than 15 years of IT experience working with SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB, Azure and AWS. He has Conducted Multiple batches on NOSQL, Azure CosmosDB for clients like Microsft RnD Center(Hyd), Volkswagon IT Center(Pune), Mastek Ltd. Mumbai, Capgemini and more.

He has worked as a migration architect to plan and migrate 1000+ databases for one of the esteemed client, including SSRS and SSIS packages, from SQL Server 2005 to 2012, 2014 and 2016.

He has Contributed in many internal and public SQL Server product support contents, areas like configuration, performance tuning ,high availability implementations ,Architecting and implementing Cloud, Hybrid Cloud solutions using Azure and AWS.


What is Azure Cosmos database ?

Azure Cosmos database is one of the hottest and top paying skills. It is also very beneficial to work on. Azure Cosmos DB is Microsoft's globally distributed, multi-model database service. With a click of a button, Cosmos DB enables you to elastically and independently scale throughput and storage across any number of Azure regions worldwide. You can elastically scale throughput and storage, and take advantage of fast, single-digit-millisecond data access using your favorite API including SQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, Tables, or Gremlin. Cosmos DB provides comprehensive service level agreements (SLAs) for throughput, latency, availability, and consistency guarantees, something no other database service offers.


The primary objective of this courses it to enable attendees to understand and leverage knowledge of Azure Cosmos Database. Create database, collections and performance management with the help of tuning throughput, horizontal partitioning and Indexing. Manipulate data with the help of Visual Studio, .NET and server side coding like, Store procedures, Functions and triggers.

Table of Contents:

Day: 1

Course Overview

  • Why and what is NOSL Database?
  • Evolution of Cosmos DB
  • What is Cosmos Database?

Getting Started with Cosmos DB.

  • Cosmos DB Architecture.
  • Multiple API’s and Data Models
  • Demo: Creating Azure resource and Cosmos DB account
  • Demo: Local Emulator, how to install and use.
  • Demo: Creating Collections and documents

Performance and Throughput

  • How to measure Performance
  • What is RU.
  • Request units and charges.
  • Throughput isolation in globally distributed databases
  • Demo: How to Measure Required RU’s
  • Demo: Monitoring RU consumption.
  • Demo: Allocating RU’s at both Database Collection level.
  • Estimating throughput needs

Day 2:

Horizontal partitioning and backup recovery.

  • Partitioning Options
  • Best practices when choosing a partition key
  • Prerequisites for partitioning.
  • Automatic backup restore with Azure DB.

Data distribution

  • Introduction to data distributions
  • Different options available and Failover properties
  • Demo: Setting up geo replication and failover
  • Demo: Read write Geo replication (Preview)

Consistence levels.

  • Distributed databases and consistency.
  • Scope of consistency
  • Tunable consistency for globally replicated databases
  • Demo: how to switch between Consistence level.


  • Document Database
  • Difference between relational and Document DB
  • Cosmos DB Hierarchical resource model.
  • Recourse Prosperities, Self-Link and URI.
  • Data migration and Demo.

Day 3:

Querying with SQL API

  • Introduction and Available SDK’s.
  • Demo: Importing Sample data to Cosmos DB.
  • Demo: Importing data from existing SQL Database using Data migration tool.
  • SQL Server operators and functions.
  • Demo: Getting Started with SQL Queries.

Indexing in Cosmos Database.

  • Introduction
  • Demo: Creating different types of indexes.
  • Index management.
  • Demo on Indexes.

Programming with .NET SDK

  • Introduction.
  • Working with Database and collections.
  • Demo: Querying Documents.
  • Demo: Replacing and deleting documents.
  • Demo: Working with users and permissions.

Stored procedures, Functions and Triggers.

  • Introduction
  • Benefits of server side code.
  • Demo: Stored procedures.
  • Demo: Function
  • Demo: Triggers.

If Time permits we will cover below topic as well:

Understand Table API

  • Introduction
  • How data is stored and how is it different from SQL API.
  • Demo: Working with Table API.
  • Demo: Migrating data from Azure Table store to Table API or Azure Cosmos DB

Understand and usage of Graph API

  • Introduction Graph API.
  • Different concepts.
  • Comparison between 3 models.
  • Demo: Working with Graph DB.

Pre-requisites to attend:

Attendees should be familiar with Visual Studio. Experience building applications will also be of benefit but is not essential.

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