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C# Training

What is C# training about ?

It is an object-oriented programming language. It is a modern language,it is a part of the .net framework and you can also develop android, ios window apps. It is used to make web-based apps and also web apps that are going to be interfacing with back in Microsoft technologies, It is also used for game programming with unity.

It is one of the languages designed for CLI. Some of the features of C# are Strongly typed, object-oriented, component oriented, multi-paradigm, event-driven and task driven. It is one of the most popular programming language used in corporate.

What will you learn in C# training?

  • Using data to declare variables, do arithmetic operations, conversions, declaring constants etc.
  • Use loop statements, switch statements, conditional and not statements etc.
  • Introduction to arrays, using loops with arrays, multidimensional arrays.
  • Introduction to methods.
  • Introduction to classes, creating classes.

What will you be able to do after C# training ?

  • Make computer applications
  • Apply concepts of objected oriented programming
  • Work with the .net framework

Who should take C# training and what is the prerequisite ?

People who have an interest in programming and who want to build web-based applications should take this training. You can take this training even if you have no prior experience in coding.

Career Prospects

C# is still one of the widely used languages. You can develop a wide range of web applications with C# such as Windows client applications, Windows libraries and components, Web services and Web API, Azure cloud applications and services, and the list goes on. C# has been used by many big companies for their projects.

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