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Git & Github Training

What is Git & Github training about ?

Git is a distributed source control system with distributed nature, it can scale massively. Majority of operations in Git are local. The git community is very active and many of the resources are available online. Due to it’s various factors, it has become very popular version control systems.

What will you learn in Git & Github training ?

  • GIT Fundamentals
  • Getting Started with GIT
  • Undoing Changes
  • GIT Branches and Tags
  • Getting started with GITHUB
  • Working with Remote Repository
  • Remote Branching and Merging
  • GIT GUI Tools (Eclipse)

What will you be able to do after Git & Github training ?

  • What is Version Control System (VCS)
  • Difference between Centralized VCS and Decentralized VCS
  • Introduction to GIT
  • Installing GIT
    • Create Repository
    • Configuring GIT Repository
    • Stage and Commit changes to repository
    • Interactive Staging
    • .Git folder structure and GIT Objects
    • Git Ignore
    • Git Diff
    • Git Log
    • Git Alias
    • Git Checkout
    • Discarding changes
    • Un-stage changes
    • Amend Commits
    • Git Revert
    • Git Reset
  • Creating GITHUB Account
  • GITHUB cloud and GITHUB Enterprise
    • Push local repository to GITHUB
  • Cloning a remote Repository
  • Synchronize with Remote using Push, Pull, Fetch and Rebase
    • Forking a repository
  • Working with remote branch
  • Synchronizing Remote branch with local branch
    • Pull requests
    • Clone
    • Commit
    • Push Fetch
    • Branching and merging
    • Resolving Conflicts
    • Handling remote branches and pull request

Who should take Git & Github training and what is the prerequisite ?

This training should be taken by people who have interest in git and source control. People from Software engineering, developers, IT managers can also take this training.

You should just know basic computer skills to have this training.

Career Prospects of Git & Github

Git & Github can be very beneficial in terms of career. There are many career successful prospects in Git & Github.

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